Pre-Visit Information

Though your Vancouver Dental Sedation Group dentist will discuss your specific sedation dentistry procedures and protocols in detail, here are a few general things you should keep in mind before coming to your sedation dentistry appointment.

Sedation Dentistry Tips:

  • Generally, no food or water for at least 6 hours before your dental appointments
  • No stimulants (such as caffeine) for 12 hours before and after your appointment
  • No contact lenses or tinted glasses – your pupils must be completely visible during the appointment
  • Bring a friend to help you after your appointment
  • Do not operate machinery, drive or make important decisions for 24 hours after your dentistry appointment

Tips to Reduce Anxiety in the Waiting Chair:

  • Listen to calming music during your appointment
  • Mask the ‘smell’ of the dental office with a perfumed tissue
  • Keep your mind off your upcoming appointment by browsing online or reading

If you have any other tips you would like to share, please contact Vancouver Dental Sedation Group and we would love to feature your tips to reduce dental anxiety.