Sedation Dentistry: The Facts

13 July 2013

Fear of the dentist is nothing to laugh about. It’s very common even though many of those who suffer from it can’t tell you exactly why they do, it might have something to do with the thought of large drills and whirring tools.
Those who suffer from this fear are prime culprits for missing and delaying their dentist appointments.

Sedation Dentistry Is here to help those in need get over their fears.
By offering a handful of unique methods of sedation, we can guarantee the comfort and well being of each individual patient.

How can we achive this?

Sedation dentistry is also synonymous with sleep dentistry. Medication is administered to the patient to help them feel comfortable. Here are some common applications.

Minimal Sedation – You feel relaxed and any uneasiness is gone. You’re still conscious and still aware of your surroundings, you can also communicate with your dentist eaily.

Moderate Sedation – Thi helps you forget about the dentist, you’re still able to make decisions. Still able to communicate, but you feel relaxed, euphoric and you likely won’t remember a thing about the appointment.

Deep Sedation – You’re almost fully unconscious. You may not feel or remember anything as you’re just on the verge of drifting off, although you can be awakened easily.

General Anaesthetic – You’re completely unconscious, You’ll wake up in a certain amount of time and you wont even realize  yuve been operated on.

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