Child Dentistry Tips To Overcome Fear

7 February 2013

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Tooth extractions can be one of the most feared procedures by kids today and dentists are viewed by them as someone who will take away their teeth.  When one mentions the word “dentist” to them, tooth extraction is the term that is automatically coined with it.  Here are some child dentistry tips to help kids overcome their fear of dentists.  These tips will somehow turn the impression upside down and will help kids view dentists as persons who can help them better health.

The most common among the child dentistry tips is to schedule visits during the early childhood stage.  Once the visit is done regularly, and routines have been developed, the fear of dental visits may not surface.  Pediatric dentists are trained to specifically provide service at the level of child and understanding their language and cognition level.  If the purpose of the visit is made at a later stage of child development or done for the sole purpose of the extraction, phobias may escalate and the child will not probably visit the dentist again.

Child dentistry tips will also mention about letting the kid play with toys that are similar or mimic instruments used in the dental clinic. Letting the child touch dental instruments will also help alleviating fear.  Play is a child’s language and letting them do so may ease their anxiety over dental procedures.  Explaining a procedure to a child using play therapy is the most effective means of gaining their trust and courage for a forthcoming dental procedure.

The use of appropriate language during explanations is also helpful.  Usually, child dentistry tips include the use of positive words.  Pediatric dentists avoid the use of words such as hurt, painful, or shots when they give information to children.  Helpful words will be “sugar bugs” to clean the teeth or check and count the teeth.  Picture books can also help them gain knowledge of what’s in store for them in a dental visit.

If you have an anxious child, sedation dentistry may be the right solution for them. Find a child sedation dentist today.

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